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SYSPRO is an internationally-recognized, leading provider of enterprise business solutions for 35 years, with 14,500 customers in 60 countries.

Customer focus is a core component of SYSPRO's corporate culture and one of the key reasons for SYSPRO's strong leadership position in the enterprise application market. SYSPRO provides a unique combination of robust, scalable technologies that ensure minimal risk and a high return on investment.

SYSPRO continually develops remarkable software that simplifies operational effectiveness and keeps customers in control of their businesses. Our vision is focused on meeting customer needs today and in the future.

Since its inception, SYSPRO has been providing software solutions to the small to medium-sized business (SMB) market in the manufacturing and supply chain industries. The solutions enable these organizations to manage all aspects of their business using technology that:

  • Is appropriate for their needs
  • Fits the organizational and cost constraints in which they operate
  • Minimizes the risks of technology adoption
  • Provides the flexibility to change should market dynamics dictate

It allows the system to be tailored to suit specific requirements and new technologies to be used to further enhance the user experience.

In addition, the business can integrate other enterprise applications with SYSPRO for better operational control and management reporting. Taking this further, the software can extend beyond the enterprise to allow trusted customers and suppliers the ability to link with their own systems for better order and delivery performance.

Standards-based technology

SYSPRO is built on .NET Framework and has been able to provide an open architecture and platform for developers to enhance and customize the user experience, as well as a set of APIs for building connected applications, workflows and graphical user interfaces. The XML open standard was adopted as the standard for describing parameters and passing data between applications.

In the mobile applications field, SYSPRO has adopted HTML5 as the standard for mobile web deployment. By being selective in the standards it adopts, SYSPRO makes it easier to build and re-use existing skills.

As standards change, SYSPRO continues to adapt and innovate to keep up with the changes.

Multi-tier architecture

SYSPRO uses client/server architecture, separating the user interface, programming logic and the data, giving the complete flexibility for optimum solution deployment.

The SYSPRO client can run via a normal TCP/IP connection, or can be set up to run over a WAN in thin client mode, using Terminal Server or Windows Communication Foundation.

In addition, SYSPRO is available through the cloud in multiple configurations flexible to accommodate any business scenario.


SYSPRO provides the ability to scale to large deployments, handle high-volume single server instances, and accommodate multinational organizations with hundreds of subsidiaries.

SYSPRO Architecture


SYSPRO uses Microsoft SQL Server to provide robust and secure data management system ensuring data integrity and supporting high transaction volumes

Business logic

At the heart of SYSPRO ERP is the business logic that is inherent to the application. The business objects ensure that the integrity of rules and data is maintained, irrespective of how the business objects are accessed.


SYSPRO's modules are built around core solutions – Financial, Distribution/Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Enterprise Reporting and Business Process Modeling.

Because of SYSPRO's modular approach, companies can define how best to use SYSPRO technology and license only those components they need.

Communication technology

The SYSPRO client communication software is built on Microsoft's Windows Communication Foundation. WCF provides a communication layer that is reliable and robust with an open infrastructure so it is easy to deploy. It promotes the building and consumption of service orientated applications, and is accessible through SOAP endpoints. This allows the SYSPRO mobility and easy system administration.

Agile user interface

The SYSPRO user interface makes use of Microsoft .NET technology, allows for complete personalization and customization of the user experience. The UI can be customized by adding or removing contextual panes based on user functions. Panes are windows containing graphs, list views and other types of visual controls that are appropriate to the content being displayed. This makes for an agile user interface as the screen layout and content can be altered quickly.

Using the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) standards for the presentation interface, technology such as XAML and .NET User Controls allow developers to be creative when it comes to personalizing the user interface to fit the requirements of all users in an enterprise.

User roles

To ensure people have access to the processes, tools and information they require for their jobs, SYSPRO provides role-centric administration. Roles are created using meaningful names that match a job function. They are used to control the content and look of menu items, panes, display and entry forms, list views and other screen elements. This enables the user experience to be customized for a specific role, and can be used to enforce segregation of duties and security access.

SYSPRO Office Integration

The familiarity of Microsoft Office applications Word and Excel has been brought into the SYSPRO user interface. This enables users to access and query information from the SYSPRO ERP system using Word or Excel. The users can access emails and calendar activities from Microsoft Outlook, right from SYSPRO user interface.

SYSPRO Mobile - Espresso

The SYSPRO Espresso framework enables mobile applications to be developed and deployed easily and independently.

SYSPRO Espresso applications can take advantage of smartphone sensors such as camera and geolocation, and can also be used in offline mode when out of network and synchronization can be done when network contact is restored.

SYSPRO Espresso also creates an opportunity for organizations to support a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy by supporting a device-independent user interface. This opens up for integration opportunities in non-traditional PC environments.


SYSPRO's security controls enable enterprises to implement compliance policies by centrally defining the roles of the organization and configuring the program access permissible for each role, as well as the data the role is allowed to access, down to the field level.

In addition, SYSPRO e-Signatures offer centralized control over who is allowed to process which transactions, and ensure the integrity of operations. Security access, transaction logging and event triggering can be managed against a list of business processes and on a transaction-by-transaction basis.

Continuous controls monitoring is made possible through automated notification when significant events occur. An audit trail of completed transactions indicates who performed a transaction and when it occurred.


SYSPRO Reporting Services (SRS) uses the well-known Crystal Reports Engine. Apart from providing standard reports, SRS enables the custom design of reports to virtually any level of complexity, complete with tailored reporting options, preferences, and layout features such as graphs. It allows reports to be shared between users while protecting access to information. SRS also provides the ability to quickly and simply produce professional-looking reports.

Cost savings are realized through the inclusion of built-in drivers, report archiving, and quicker development time by eliminating the need for external report designers, and protection from changes in technology upgrades.

SYSPRO Dashboards will give real-time graphical views of operational data and transactions. These provide business users with analysis and what-if modeling tools to take advantage of the data in their ERP.


SYSPRO Analytics makes use of SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) to build a data warehouse from which analytics cubes are created. The information in the analytics cubes can be displayed by any software that has the ability to access an OLAP data source, one of the most common being Microsoft Office Excel.

Business Process Modeling

Business processes are the key to understanding the flow of information and activities within an organization, and process modeling has become important as a way of viewing, understanding and improving business processes.

SYSPRO Process Modeling (SPM) is a tool that allows processes and activities to be mapped onto the SYSPRO ERP system; it uses the Enterprise Architect application from Sparx Systems to build the process models.

SPM provides pre-configured and modeled process patterns on which a company's unique process requirements can be mapped. It provides a model-driven architecture that supports management by aligning IT with company strategy, business objectives and sustainability, and organizational roles. As the model data – processes, activities, roles, hierarchies, and configurations – are stored in a central repository, they can be accessed at any time for further process improvement and auditing purposes.


Organizations are increasingly concerned about the business processes – to improve efficiency, streamline operations, and ensure regulatory compliance.

The SYSPRO Workflow Services (SWS) module provides users with an easy way to orchestrate or describe workflows in a visual form, much like flow charts without the need to programming. Based on Microsoft Workflow Foundation which provides the framework to create and maintain workflows and activities, and manage a monitoring service. SWS uses Microsoft's WCF for workflow communication and allows for various different communication or transport protocols.

The SYSPRO Eco-System

The benefits of the SYSPRO architecture are applicable to both users and developers. The breadth and depth of functionality enabled by the architecture are hard to match and provide important features to a business selecting an enterprise software application.

Accessibility – through e.net Solutions, users and other applications can gain access to SYSPRO in different ways, including new devices and mobile user interfaces.

Flexibility – the components of SYSPRO's architecture provide the flexibility to customize and present the application in different ways.

Tailorability – the user interface features in SYSPRO allow almost any change imaginable to be made to the screens that a user sees. This can be extended to tailoring reports, enabled through SYSPRO Reporting Services.

Version-independence – SYSPRO's technology ensures that user customizations made in one version of the software can be upgraded to a newer version without having to go through long and expensive conversion processes. Security – with the combination of SYSPRO role-based administration to regulate access, and e.net Solutions managing access from external applications, the security of the SYSPRO application is maintained.

Extensibility – is the capability of a system to cater for future growth by including mechanisms for expanding and enhancing the system with new capabilities without having to make major changes. SYSPRO has shown proof of this with e.net Solutions, power tailoring and SYSPRO Process Modeling.

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