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KwikTag for AX document imaging software is an innovative, award winning digital solution for connecting people, process and paper. Streamlines the paper intensive business activities associated with Dynamics AX. Combines unmatched simplicity with operational flexibility to meet the needs of your organization.

KwikTag for AX makes all your business-related paper and electronic documents instantly available for viewing, sharing and forwarding. Automatically links paper and other electronic documents directly to Dynamics AX transactions and records upon scanning. Streamlines work processes and increases productivity while supporting disaster recovery and record keeping for compliance mandates such as SOX, CFR21 Part II and HPAA.



KwikTag for AX transforms your business paper into digital images. It works the way you work, inside Microsoft Dynamics AX, following your workflow processes. You can instantly file and retrieve your paper documents digitally. The solution is scalable for multiple processes, multiple departments and multiple locations.

  • Maintain existing workflows and works within the familiar screens you use every day
  • Reduce costs of document filing and retrieval
  • Eliminate lost and/or misfiled documents
  • Minimize inquiry response time
  • Enable simultaneous, shared access to documents in one repository
  • Prevent unauthorized access to documents
  • Simplify processes for compliance requirements
  • Recover valuable office space by eliminating file cabinets
  • Provide for safe-keeping of documents in the event of a disaster
  • Automatically perform OCR to convert documents to searchable PDF format
  • Manage other electronic documents such as Word, Excel, emails, etc. along with the paper

How it works?

  • Tell your AX system you want to add a paper document, and KwikTag's pop-up window prompts you with your next Label number.
  • Affix your KwikTag Label to your paper.
  • At your digital copier, whenever it's convenient, scan your stack of tagged documents. KwikTag uses the bar codes to properly file the document images, and to link them to the related business software transactions.

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