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Turnkey e-Commerce solution with bi-directional integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Fully Integrated

With AX StoreFront, customer and sales order information is automatically entered into your Dynamics AX financial system from the customer-facing Storefront. Updates made in Dynamics AX such as Product information, product images, inventory, pricing, order details, shipping status, sales tax etc. are automatically available on the customer-facing Storefront to provide your online customers with up-to-date information.

By eliminating the time-consuming and sometimes duplicated data input process, the AX StoreFront e-Commerce Solution greatly increases the speed of information exchange while eliminating duplicity and errors, resulting in improved customer service efficiency, customer satisfaction and repeat sales.

AX StoreFront provides a wealth of features to help your organization expand your sales channel to include e-Commerce, control costs by integration with Dynamics AX and achieve a rapid return on investment.


Features & Functionality

Configurable Synchronizations with AX for optimal performance can be real time or batched, can be for selected items or groups of items.

Customer Account Management

  • Business relationship with new online customers created in Storefront is configurable on AX.
  • Edits to customer information can be made in either Storefront or AX and all changes will be synchronized.

Sales Price Calculations

  • AX standard functionality on Pricing based on trade agreements is made available for Storefront users.
  • Quantity breaks, customer based pricing, time intervals can all be setup in AX and take effect in StoreFront.

Available to Promise is calculated in AX based on inventory levels real time to provide customers with accurate availability information.

Sales Order Creation/Tracking

  • When customer creates an order in StoreFront, a sales order will be created with AX.
  • If credit card is used for purchase, a prepayment journal entry will be created within AX and settlement will automatically occur.
  • Tracking numbers that are input directly into AX using standard AX shipping protocol will also be pushed to the storefront, thereby allowing the client to track the status of their orders.

Coupons and Discounts are configurable for date ranges, group of customers, groups of items etc.

Sales Tax Rates and Postings are calculated and managed in AX.

Shipping Rates calculated by interfacing with FedEx and UPS, based on mode of delivery and packaging dimension.

Get your online business integrated seamlessly with your enterprise system.