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AX iBOL streamlines and automates the Bill of Lading documentation, storage, tracking and sharing.

iBOL in a snap

Shipping process can be made more efficient, accurate and connected with Dynamics AX using mobile devices like tablets.

AX iBOL is used for handling the shipping documentation, instantly integrating Bill of Lading with Dynamics AX. This makes the communication fast and easy with customers, insurance agencies, logistic handlers, trucking companies etc., while eliminating paper-trail.

In few screen touches using our iPad solution, orders with carrier's confirmation and shipment images are posted to the sales order and available through AX document handling. The order is delivered and is ready to be invoiced in just few clicks, while updating the physical and financial inventory, adapting to the customer's workflow.


Features & Functionality

Below are the Features and Functionality includes:

  • Images of items which are put on shipment are attached to the sales order for future references, and communication with related parties.
  • BOL report is generated with Truck driver signature in electronic format for easy exchange.
  • Works well with the customers’ current workflows, customizations and business processes.
  • Eliminates shipment posting delays, posting errors, and cost of shipment postings & handling.
  • Fully integrated with Dynamics AX software.
  • As a bonus, this has always resulted in enhancing the employee morale making a positive impact to the company.


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